I'm an independent writer and editor. I've self-published every book I've worked on over the past six years and had to engage in sex work for much of that time to support myself as a low income writer. 


I rely on the support of readers to fund my writing, and as a result I'm able to continue my efforts without taking money from or collaborating with publishing institutions -- such as Amazon, the large publishing houses, universities, and the small presses and journals in their orbit -- that are furiously working to maintain the white supremacist, capitalist status quo.* Which is something that published writers cannot say for themselves.

If you'd like to support my work, you can:

More importantly, what I ask is that you read my work and share it, let others know that it exists, and take the necessary risks to transform the world around us now, because there's no way that I and others in my position will survive otherwise. 

*Read my essays on the ties between publishing, corporations, philanthropy, and white supremacy here, here, and in Essays Against Publishing


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